(Television Presenter) Before the channel 4 news at noon, catch up with some of the crew that are taking part in Year Dot.

(Nicolette) I'm scared (Laughs)

(MC) It is going to be played again

(Nicolette) Straight after the programme has been on I am going to log on to the Year Dot website, and log on to the comments page.

Oh cringe

Really looking forward to what they have got to say and any advice or support they can give me and just what they think of my situation in general I guess.

(Television) 17 Year old Nicolette Ester is from Essex.

In a way I am looking forward to it obviously, I want to you know hear some comments and what people have got to offer me for advice and you know their experience, I think that would be really interesting, but it is just quite scary I guess when you think about it because I have never done anything like this before.


(MC) Check out those pyrotechnics

(Nicolette) Laughs

(Television Nicolette) If you have any advice you would like to give me about anything that you can see going on in my life, then just get in contact with me through the Year Dot website so bye for now.

(Television Presenter) Nicolette will be online for the next hour to respond to your comments go to Yeardot.co.uk

(Nicolette) It is actually really quite scary after kind of just watching everything that has been going on, and now having to kind of see what people think about it, it is quite strange really there’s comments already, ahhh, oh dear.

Yeah everyone has been really nice actually.

I’d just like to say that you are an inspiration for young people you are young and beautiful and I admire you so much. awwh that is nice. So yeah.

I have just got a message from a guy who is talking about kind of the idea of going to a boarding school instead of kind of like a state school, I know quite a few people that are against the idea of going to kind of this type of school. Boarding school is a really great opportunity, the kind of education that you do have, whether it is from kind of like a private sector or from the state is just basically what you make of it and people have been asking me about where to get information about young careers groups and stuff. So I guess that is really kind of supportive.

Is just a message from a girl whose sister is disabled in some way and I know she can kind of relate to what I am saying about how, although it can kind of restrict you in some ways it is a really good thing to help people to gain maturity. She just says that what I am doing is good so, that is really nice.

I guess I can offer advice on where people can find support because I know what it is like to really feel that you haven’t got anyone to turn to; it is nice that other people can really get something from my experience.