It's great to be part of the Year Dot project, for me it gives me the chance to show everyone what I'm capable of in terms of my comedy and it's a great way for people to kind of network and to be noticed.

Erm, for me trying to become a comedian, it's tough in the sense that there are so many people my age starting to get into the comedy obviously they're influenced by what's on TV and I think stand up at the moment's in a great time period of becoming more and more popular and it's more televised on TV err, so it is hard to get into it and this is a great way of showing, networking with people. The hardest thing for me is trying to get the gigs and get the stage time because it's so hard for a young comedian to be trusted.

You can't as a promoter, you can't say he's 20 years old, he's a student, he hasn't done too many gigs, let's put him on see what he's like. They need evidence that you've done well so every gig that I do is kind of bigger evidence and getting my name out there can show people what I'm capable of so obviously the biggest thing for me is getting in touch with those promoters and like, trying to get them to give me a chance to show that I can, I can, I'm capable of being on stage for 10, 15 minutes, making people laugh, that I'm capable of writing new material and stuff like that so to any promoters who are watching, give me a chance.