(Akilah) I am going to do some vox pops at a tanning shop. The last time I did vox pops it was an absolute disaster, I missed a deadline for The Voice by like two or three hours and Steve Pope the editor told me off and like really made me feel so, so stupid and so guilty.

So hopefully this one goes a lot better.

Hello, I am here to do some vox pops, hopefully if there is anybody around?

(Melanie) There isn’t anybody here at the moment, just missed the lunch time rush unfortunately, so maybe you could just hang about, we don’t take appointments so it is just walk in so.

(Akilah) Oh ok

(Melanie) shouldn’t have much longer to wait before somebody walks in

(Akilah) Alright thank you

Turning up having no one here at first was a blessing in disguise because I got to calm myself down a bit because I was feeling really nervous obviously because of what happened last time.

Maybe I could ask you if you don’t mind.

(Melanie) Yeah that’s fine

(Akilah) There is this new thing out called Milano tan, it is basically when you inject yourself

(Melanie) Ok yeah

(Akilah) Yeah, so it is almost like permanently tanning yourself

(Melanie) Die hard tanners it would be ideal for them.

(Akilah) What is your description of a diehard tanner?

(Melanie) Somebody who comes here about four times a week, all week every week, every month for the whole year.

(Akilah) Is there like any way, like do you know when they usually come in because I would love to talk to one of them, I really would.

The last time I did vox pops was nothing like this, last time I did it, it was so intense, there was hundreds of people, it was horrible, it was hot I was sweaty I was late. But now I was calmer, still nervous but calmer less people in a different kind of environment so it is just an illustration of how journalism can be really.

Would you consider getting tanning injections?

(Ewelina) I would have to know how does it work

(Akilah) It develops Melatonin in your skin so it is a natural tan, but it lasts for a lot longer than say a normal tan would.

So you would consider it?

(Ewelina) Yes I would

(Akilah) Because it is quite new and there is no knowledge about it I talk about it, explain it to them, and the hard thing is being objective.

It suppresses your appetite and increases libido (Laughs) that is the only two so far, they don’t know

(Customer) That’s good

(Akilah) Everyone is like yeah

Part of me wants to be like don’t ever get that that’s horrible, why would you want to do that? Or I could be like that’s great suppresses your appetite why don’t you get it done? And after a while I start to feel like I was advertising it , and it surprised me that people were quite keen on it, especially when they heard the side effects, everyone is like wahey, so yeah it is interesting.