Hi ya, this is my new video diary. We played, the first team

played Chelsea on Sunday and we smashed them 4-1. Unfortunately

I didn't get on but I was just so pleased with the result.

Obviously it did bother me but the fact that we beat Chelsea was

quality. I went back to my old school last week, my secondary school.

I absolutely loved it, it was so good seeing everyone again. It

felt like I was only there yesterday sort of thing; it didn't feel

like I had been away for two years and nothing has changed at all.

It was really good to be back and to see all my teachers and

just to be back where I'm from. So yeah that made it a good week

for me. So yeah...get in touch with me please people cos' I need

some support. All the rest of the 14 Year Dotters are getting

something and I'm getting nothing so I need people to get in touch

with me and to give me your support please. Thank you.