I'm just on my way to my Secondary School at the moment to

do a chat with a group of girls about women's football and

basically I’m just trying to publicise it as much as I can.

I want to get more support for women's football and obviously

this is my local area. I just want to try and get as many girls

interested in the game and hopefully after this maybe a few

girls might sign up for local teams like I did.

I got an iPhone here, just going through my MySpace stuff

and I’m just catching up with some of the people that have

messaged me. A couple of people have messaged me and e-mailed;

one girl messaged me, this was when I was in the World Cup, she

just said that she's seen a few of my Year Dot's and she thinks

it's really good that I’m playing at the World Cup.

It feels good when people have said they've seen my shows and have

seen my Year Dot's and that; because it makes me think that what I

am doing is worthwhile.

How are you, you alright?

Alright Sir.

Good to see you.

Hopefully the talk we are having today will make them sit up

and think about it and get involved.

Today we've got Gilly with us. Gilly came to this school about

3 or 4 years ago and she's here to discuss and talk about women’s'

football with you today.

The reason why I’m here is to promote the women’s game and get

more players involved in the women’s game.

Basically I’ve got a website set up; you can get in contact with

me, you can message me and you can write on my wall.

Basically, I just need your support. I started off playing

football when I was nine; and I played for Milwall Lioness'

and I was there until I was 13, and then I went to Arsenal.

The reason I’m here is that I want to encourage you to go

and sign up for a team outside of school. You get so much

more out of it, you go out and meet new friends. There are

so many local teams as well around here.

There are scouts who come watch; that's how I got scouted

by England, that scouts came to my game. Now I’m at college

and I am going to Arsenal academy, where I train 5 days a

week there and I play on the Wednesday and then on Sunday

for the first team. This year they're starting up a

pro league in America, like a women’s professional league

to get paid to play football. That's obviously my dream.

Have any of you got any questions for me?

Do you get paid to play football?

Erm, I don't get paid anything at the moment. When I’m 18

in August I start getting paid per game. Obviously it's not

how much the men earn.

How come the women don't earn as much as the men do?

Basically women’s football is not seen as equal as them;

obviously you can't compare, and I don't agree when people

compare women’s football to men’s football because obviously

men are going to be technically better than us, stronger and

faster and stuff like that. But that doesn't mean women

footballers don't have as much passion and the same love for

the game as what the men do.

Does anyone want to go for a kick about then?

(All students)


I thought it was good, because no one would have really thought

about a club outside of school. None of us would have thought of that

unless someone sort of asked us the question. I'm going to ask my

mum to look up some different clubs for me, because I am interested

in it.

I've been privileged too be able to do this and that's why I am trying

to give back as much as I can.

After seeing Gilly today, I’m going to think about going to play for

a football team.

I'm pleased with the reception I got, obviously I was really nervous

when I went in there, and I was worried about talking and that.

But the girls seemed to really a lot off of me and they seemed to

really listen as well, so I was glad it turned out good.

Hopefully the girls will log onto my MySpace and check it out

and stay in contact; and just give them some advice and support

and hopefully find clubs that they can go to.