Hello, this is my first video diary since Christmas. Had a good Christmas, just

chilled out, relaxed, nothing too stressful which was good, take a bit of time out.

You may have seen a video go up about a potentially rival website from the Government

Learning Skills Council. Yeah since that we’re going to meet with them to, we'll hopefully

partner up in some way because shouldn’t be seen as a rival really, not in direct competition

to be honest, so yeah hopefully we can get a nice little synergy going and a partnership

on from that. Other than that just been up and down London meetings. Last week was my

first week back after Christmas holidays, met with a few big players from Laura Clouton

Market Place, as well as other schools and colleges really.

Things are going full steam ahead still. Yeah but in terms of the Learning Skills

Council website we're going to meet them soon in the next few weeks. So see how

work goes from there really. But yeah, cheers and keep watching.