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Over the year all your advice and support has been amazing. Thank you all so much for your great comments. Your own experiences and opinions have played a vital part in the Year Dot journey and for that we’d like to give you guys one big shout out. THANKS for making it such a special year!

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Dear Josh,
My neice. Lucy is just 17. she has Asperger's like yourself. I recorded a programme where you were waiting for your A level results. i have watched it with lucy. she is currently off school after struggling for 2 yers up to gCSE's. she is very depressed and on medication, obsessing and fixating, being difficult, very sad and unhappy and cannot see a future.She begins C.B.t next week but is unable to go back to school to begin her AS levels. how did you go to Farleigh College? In That , i mean what was the process of getting you enrolled ?
You may not have time to write back, I know, as no doubt you will be working hard at uni. i really hope that you are happy there and have adjusted to life up north!
wE live in Lancashire.
I would be so grateful if you have time to contact me, and Lucy on my e mail address. i actually don't know Lucy's e mail address as we live in the same house and i never e mail her!!
With best regards
Patti Da silva

patti (1851 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of JoshHi All

Firstly, i am so so sorry for getting back to you so late, i was snowed under with comments from another part of the website i forgot about this part!

Thanks for all your really kind comments. For the past week i have been rather ill with a sore throat - i have been unable to speak for 2 days, (which is not fun when you are going to lectures), but seeing your comments here really cheared me up - so thank you all!

Emma, Yes i remember you, how have you been doing since COBC?

Lauren - thankyou, i am glad you and your brother found the show helpful, and i wish you both the very best of luck in the future.

Sue - Thanks, however a lot of the guts and determination is due to how supportave my parents have been. I guess what really drives me is the desire to make a differance - to me there is nothing more rewarding than to know you have made a positive differance in someones life, this is what my parents taught me, and it is why i am pushing myself so i am in the best posible position to do that.

Jo - I am glad you and your brother found it inspiring, and i really hope your brother now feels he can acheve what he wants, as with the right mindset, they can often be acheved.

Laura - Yes, i have to admit comming off prozac was really hard, and it wasnt an ideal time to do it, but i really felt i wanted to make my achevements at st andrews mine, and not think part of it was down to prozac. I will admit that over the past year and a bit there have been times when i have been very down, but i have got though them and are all the better for it! Thanks for getting in touch!

Again, thankyou all for leaving yoru comments, and again, sorry for taking so long to get back to you!

All the best


Josh (1874 days ago) Report Comment

Hey josh i saw your yeardot program this morning.

I just wanted to get in touch and say i really enjoyed it. It was both inspirational and moving. good luck with everything you do in life i am sure you will go far!


Josh ludlow (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Dear Josh,

I saw part of your programme for channell 4 this morning and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for participating in this programme. I have a 13 year old son who was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 5. He has had good support from the local services and like you is a very bright young man but has difficulty making friends. It has taken me many years to learn that my sadness over this is mine and that he is happy and has made one or two friends, not close but they chat. Your idea of making 5 friends is excellent I have discussed this with him and he thinks its a great idea too and is looking forward to downloading your portion of the programme. I also want to express how watching the programme has lessened my anxiety in letting him venture forth. I do encourage him to get out and about and use his freedom but I get anxious, so thanks again for help with that. Like you he is very articulate and he was very impressed with the part of your talk in Belfast we got to see. You have been a great encouragement a man of talent with a generous heart. I wish you well in all your endeavours and hope to hear more from and about you. BBFN Anna

Anna McManus (1887 days ago) Report Comment

hello Josh, i watched yeardot today and i was so inspired by you i felt i had to tell you so. Despite your own difficulties you have reached out to others. i sincerely wish you a great future in your chosen career and have no doubt you will achieve all you desire. keep up the good work you have no idea of the help your selflessness has given so far

mairead (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Hello Josh,
Just saw the programme about you, by chance having not seen or heard anything about year dot before, and wanted to say how well you have come across and how inspirational you are in your outlook...You have taken your experiences as smeone who has aspergers and are making them very positive. You come across as an accomplished and confidant young man and your visit to Ireland which I saw and your ability to capture, hold and entertain an audience shows the skills you have. Congratulations You are a natural, and should be proud.
I will try to keep up with your year but wish you all the best with your university days and hope you enjoy them.

Cathy Edler (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband has Aspergers and is very bright but did not go to univeristy. We have found out that my son has Asperger. So it was good to see that it is possible to overcome the difficulties of leaving home and socialising.
You mentioned that you were very tired after the first week. I have found my husband and son get more tired than usual when having to deal with new situations as well as having to socialise and deal with noise. I don't know if you are aware of 'The Spoon Theory'? it is by an American women. Christine Miserandino at www.butyoudontlooksick.com She does not suffer from Aspergers but it has been adapted by a friend of a friend who uses it to explain to Neuro-typical peopleabout why she can feel so tired after doing activities out of the ordinary. I hope you will find it useful. Good luck.
Well done and good luck.

Jane McLeod (1887 days ago) Report Comment


You truly are an amazing example of the Spirit of Humanity. Your wisdom, courage and determination would inspire anyonel to reach for the stars!

World governments should be run by men like you!

Sonia (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh,
I'm just watching you on year dot and wanted to say hello. I think your story is amazing. I'm not the most emotional person and I know I don't even know you, but your programme actually made me cry. I have a younger brother with aspergers and you remind me a lot of him in many ways, so intelligent and lovely, I only hope that when he's your age he can do as well as you have. You really are an inspiration!
Good luck with everything xxx

Jules (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Just watched your doc on channel 4 - you seem to be coping marvellously well in your chosen studies. My son is Aperger and is just starting his GCSE studies (he's 14) and is absolutely focussed on becoming a sound engineer! He is exactly like you (the little bit we saw of you anyway). He is distrustful of other people because of exactly the same reasons you gave - that he has taken people at face value in the past and then realised that they weren't as nice as they first appeared. But he does have nice small group of 'mates' and is very focussed on his school work and his electronic music. I'm delighted to see how you are able to function so successfully in your surroundings at uni with all the noise and activity around you. Seeing your programme gives me more confidence for my son's future. Thank you.

Maria-Teresa Hunt (1887 days ago) Report Comment

Hello Josh,

I'm watching your piece on channel 4.
I would just like to give you a little advice & a message of support!
Firstly I must say that you have a lovely manner about you that will gain you some true friends! Relax!
Even the most confident extraverts (thats me!) suffer from social anxiety. Often the loudmouth is masking their true feelings through jokes & jibes. Obviously you have the added challenge of asbergers but knowledge is power!

Unfortunately I did not suceed at university due to a problem with depression and recreational drug use, however, I sorted myself out with help the uni councelling service & I am now a very happy 32 year old chef, dj & music producer!

I was very impressed by your public speaking. You where animated interesting and funny, that is no mean feat, good work!
Enjoy yourself, relax, you have the skills!

No need to reply to this, I'm sure I am one of 1000's!
Equally if you have any question feel free to ask.

Yours sincerely,


Laurie Welton (1887 days ago) Report Comment

hi josh just saw your programm you look as if you alot on your plate and dont want to add to it but looking for a bit of advice. My son is 13 and has ashbergers we live in scotland near stirling and im finding it really difficult to get the best for him from the school he is a very bright young man but on paper is still marking primary 3/4 work its getting closser to him having to decide what he wants to do and we dont seem to be getting any help from the school im sturggling supporting him because i feel he deserves better and the siystem has failed him and i dont know which way to turn.

samantha blues (1887 days ago) Report Comment

it is nice to hear how well you are doing as my son has asbergs and has a hard time from primary school he wants to go uni now i am sure he will cope

ann (1887 days ago) Report Comment

hi seen u on the tv hope your ok

kelly lee (1895 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh :)
My mom recorded your episode and called me in to watch it because i'm going to uni in two years, we both ended up in tears at your amazing acheivements!
My mom is a pharmaceutical dispenser, and she actually said that for a person to come off prozac at a time when so much is going on is an absolutely massive undertaking, and a tremendous acheivement, so for you to even attempt it makes you such a strong, inspirational person.
I can only speak as i find, and to me, you seem like an thoughful, articulate, genuine, very intelligent and perceptive individual, and i hope that you have a wonderful future and get everything you want from life. Anybody who finds themselves a part of your life should consider themselves extremely lucky.

Best Wishes
Laura x

Laura C (1897 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh,
Just wanted to say I randomly watched year dot yesterday and saw your move to St Andrews, I think you have done so well! Your parents, you can see how proud they are, coming off the prozac and then making such a big move, that is courage. Just wanted to let you know that you truly are an inspiration, my brother is 15 and has aspergers and he saw it and you could just see the smile on his face. You have given him hope, Thank you xxxx

Jo Balk (1898 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh,
i have just seen you on the year dot program and felt compelled to write and tell you just how great you are ,your such an insperation ,proving with shear guts and determination you can achieve your dreams ,i can only think you must have the proudest parent in the world right now x

sue (1899 days ago) Report Comment

Just watched your show. Well done mate. Best of luck at St. Andrews.

Theo (1899 days ago) Report Comment

Josh, you are such an inspiration. My brother has autism and watching Year Dot with him gives us both hope for the future. It's people like you that make watching TV worthwhile. Thank you for being such a role model xx

Lauren Burger (1906 days ago) Report Comment

hey josh, i doubt u remember me but we were in the same tutor group at bath college. Just wanted to say i literally just seen you on the year dot program on tv, and its great to see what you've been up to and what you've acheived. Anyway good luck with everything!

Emma (1909 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh
I think it is great what you are doing ,what an insperation to other people with this condition ,nothing is impossible .Adam copp,s mum.

kim (1973 days ago) Report Comment

well done and good luck

mrs mandy dudley (2067 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of JoshHi Christa

Thank you, I am glad you found my story intresting. I have to agree with you that joining a society is the best thing to do - Ents, for me, is really fun and I have made so many friends. Thanks again


Josh (2092 days ago) Report Comment

Hi Josh

I just watched the episode about you and I really enjoyed it. I know how hard it is to find a good group of friends at uni, and I know it must be even harder for you. But you look like you're doing so well!!
Joining a society was one of the best things I did. I started Ballroom dancing. So not only was I learning a new skill, I made some fantastic friends along the way.

Good Luck with the rest of the year, and I hope you do well, as you deserve it with all the hard work you're putting into it.

Christa (2094 days ago) Report Comment

Doing well...

Liam Young (2098 days ago) Report Comment

Picture of JoshHi Jamie and Gareth, Thanks for your comments, i good, loads of work of course, but i seem to be on top of it for the moment. Thanks for commenting


Josh (2098 days ago) Report Comment

Hey good luck with everything mate (Y)

Jamie (2098 days ago) Report Comment

hey dude hope you doing okay i am watching you on the tv right now

gareth (2098 days ago) Report Comment